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Holistic psycho-physical support
to find your well-being


A holistic approach means that takes into account your body, mind, and spirit.

The relationship that exists between the body, mind and emotions is often ignored by Western medicine. Nevertheless, our thinking processes affect the physical body and that the body affects the mind and emotion. This principle should be considered in order to find inner balance.

As a certified Sophrologist, in order to be able to better support you throughout your changing process, I chose to incorporate alternative massage techniques into my practice.

All the techniques are based on a very important principle: your body and mind know what is best for you and what needs to be addressed.
My role as a practitioner is to listen to your needs and support you in the process of change.

Sophrology, Chi Nei Tsang and Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamic

To respond to what sort of needs?

• Coping with stress and stress related symptoms (sleep disorder, digestive problems)
• Releasing old emotions and associated somatic pains
• Anxiety and depression alleviation
• Self- development: how to reconnect with your inner resources, your needs and feelings
• Preparation for a forthcoming event (developing stronger self-confidence before the exam, interview etc.)
• Help with problems linked to social engagement
• Overcoming fears or phobias