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My name is Natalia Tokunbo Chojnacka. Mixed-race, I was born and grew up in Poland. Since my teen years I have always been greatly interested in human psychology. Life experiences and having to adapt to different cultures increased my awareness and sensitivity towards others (on the cultural and one-to-one level). I was quick to discover that I took great satisfaction in helping those around me. At the same time, the relationship between body, mind and spirit was a key element to my interest.
Years of practice of the different alternative therapies as well as working on my own inner balance and traumas (i.e. parentification, abandonment, rejection, discrimination, abuse) allowed me to comprehend the dynamic between the conscious and the unconscious (or subconscious) spheres of life. At the same time I have developed a capacity to heal using the universal energy.

Therefore, I now offer sessions of ‘BALANCING’- a mix of Chi Nei Tsang, Sophrology, Craniosacral Biodynamics with an aid of the Healing Energy. Depending on your needs, during the sessions, I work on re-balancing the inner flow in your body, whether it implies working on traumas, psychological misconceptions, energy blocks or lack of grounding.

My current qualification in this field include:

• Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, Collectif Concept, Geneva, Switzerland
• Diploma in Sophrology, Ecole Française de Sophrothérapie, Lyon, France
• Chi Nei Tsang I training, Blue Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Integrated Craniosacral biodynamic workshops; level I & II, with Rosemary Wallace

Migration, Racism and Ostracism

My own personal experience in Poland (exposure to strong a very strong racism) as well as fascination with the migration field led me to complete a Master’s degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations and allowed me to develop a deep understanding of different cultures and the psychological problems that are intertwined with cross-cultural mobility. I have a great interest and pleasure in working on these topics during my sessions.